5 years ago we found out that Dutch independent opticians needed easy access to photo material to do their marketing and promotion. In-store and beyond. We set out and started taking photos and videos from people wearing glasses. It was an instant success. We developed a photo library ‘’ where everyone wears glasses (or contact lenses) and is now available worldwide.


Last year we took it up a notch. We created 4 ‘white label’ websites that contain the same images but differ in look and feel. All 4 websites are used by marketing companies dedicated to the independent optic industry. They promote and sell the photos from within their own network. We charge you 25 euros per photo sold per shop. We advise you to sell the photo for 50 euros. That means you start making money from the fi rst photo you sell as a partner from But there are more benefits:


When you partner up with us, we will create your own Opticshots website completely for free. So, again, you can start making money as soon you open up your own Opticshots website in your logo and branding. And the best thing: we can have your website up and running within one day. All for free!